It’s warm today…feels a lot like spring…yet it’s still winter.

Many businesses are that way right now too…it feels a lot like a new season has begun and that gloom of the past season has been put behind them.

I believe that business cycles do match the seasons, with vibrancy and optimism during spring, maturity and sustained growth during summer, plateau and a chilling effect during the fall, and then confined and constrained during winter.

There’s one big difference though.

The emergence of spring in a business does not happen in a natural cycle.  There has to be a trigger.  There has to be a change from things of the past and a focus on the youth, vigor, and energy of a new year, with new growth and new crops to be harvested.

In business, new cycles require new people, new ideas, new intensity, and new optimism.

Without the new, the business stays mired in the old.

And most people don’t want winter to last forever!

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