Unexpected Acts of Kindness

So, just to recap:

  • great passion with no real need = futility
  • great need with no real passion to fulfill it = frustration
  • great passion against a massive need = nirvana

Many of us equate great passion with needing money.

Others of us see great needs as beyond our means to serve.

But we see needs every day, and each one of those needs is probably pretty significant to the one in need.

So imagine a world where our passion was nothing more than providing unexpected acts of kindness for those in need.

If only a fraction of the world focused on this – responding in some way to a need with an unexpected act of kindness – my guess is that your neighborhood, your community, your team at work, your traveling companions, and all the strangers you meet as you journey through this life would be positively and significantly impacted.

And as a fraction of those that you helped in turn paid it forward to help others, the rapidly expanding effect of those unexpected acts of kindness would dramatically change the tone and intent of our actions.

Who knows, maybe at some point after some dramatic effect, even warring political parties could find a way to sit down with the intent of offering unexpected acts of kindness and end the insanity that exists in the debate today.


I think so.

I’m naive that way.

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