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I have very vivid memories of specific times in my life where I either intentionally or was forced to reset, rethink what I was doing, reestablish my confidence, and accelerate on a new path with a new plan.  Each of those memories brings a smile, because each reset led to something new, to something fun, […]

Was It a Sign?

I’ve been struggling with sleep lately, and sleeping in just doesn’t seem possible anymore. But this morning, I was in a deep sleep…one of those special nights where no dreams (or nightmares) are remembered and you feel refreshed. But at 6:26 I was startled by the phone ringing.  It was a 703 area code number […]

You Know You Travel Too Much…

…when you have a second set of toiletries that stays in bags just for your travels …when you have two different bags to choose from that look exactly alike, and you pick the one that has the least travel damage to take on this particular trip …when you put a thousand miles on the car […]