You Know You Travel Too Much…

…when you have a second set of toiletries that stays in bags just for your travels

…when you have two different bags to choose from that look exactly alike, and you pick the one that has the least travel damage to take on this particular trip

…when you put a thousand miles on the car in any given month traveling back and forth to the airport

…when a significant amount of quality time with your wife is on the trip to and from the airport

…when your body clock has to adjust two hours one way, two hours back and then two hours the other way in a period of five days

…when you experience three or four different versions of English, all in the same week

…when good friends start the conversation with “are you in town this week” before asking if you want to get a cup of coffee

…when you see your friends and business colleagues more in the airport than in a social or business environment

…when you remember the flight attendants from another flight you took in the last month

…when you schedule your trips to the cleaners to coincide with having clothes for your next trip

…when you know where the Red Carpet Club is in every airport you frequent

…when you get excited if a trip gets cancelled so you can unexpectedly stay at home

Time at the Airport

…when you can upgrade almost every trip because you have so many miles and so many upgrade certs free from the airlines

…when you see the same movie three different times in one month because you travel the same direction on the same airline

…when you recognize the Captain’s voice when he comes on the intercom to welcome you to flight such and such

…when you get on the plane and recognize many of those sitting around you because you’ve traveled with all those other folks that travel too much

and, last but not least…

…when you get the card in the mail that says “Million Mile Flyer”!

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