From a Distance

I was standing on my porch this morning, taking in the wonderful coolness of the morning air, and I looked over at my almost 220,000 mile car and smiled…it still looks good…even after those miles and all those years!

Very Nice

Then I walked down around the car to get to the garage to turn on the sprinklers, and I quickly realized that though my car looks awesome from a distance, it’s not quite the same on close inspection.

Not So Nice

Up close, you see the scars of road battles.  Up close, you see the dents from the doors slamming in the sides.  Up close, you see the scrapes down the side from failures to look in the rear view mirrors.  Up close, you see the aging seats and the stains from the many drinks that were spilt.

Even with all the aging, I still get a kick out of driving her.  I still “feel the power” as her 240 horsepower engine gets me up to speed on the interstate.  I still crank up the volume on the radio and belt it out with my favorite songs.  I still smile when I realize she started this morning and didn’t give it up just yet.

There’s something very special about things that age so well, and there’s something very meaningful in every scratch, every scrape, every stain, and every dent.

I think I’ll keep her!

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