I am a businessman.  I am a frequent flyer.  I am a wannabe writer.  I spend hours in the air pondering all aspects of life and then sharing those thoughts by email with others.  I think about life.  I think about priorities.  I think about the countless hours, days, and weeks I’m away from my family.  I think about my business problems.  I create business problems too!  And I write – all the time – sharing what I’m thinking with colleagues, friends, family and others who will listen.  I find I feel the best and the words flow the fastest when I’m at altitude – typically 37,000 feet – lost in my own world in the cabin of whatever commercial airliner I’m on.  I can’t vouch for the clarity of the thoughts or the quality of the writing – I’m sure you’ll tell me that – but I can vouch for the passion with which it’s written!  I never know what thought will capture my imagination on any particular flight, but it’s almost guaranteed that something will trigger the words to flow and I’ll anxiously wait for the seat belt sign to go off and the laptop to come out.  I feel sorry for those sitting in front of me because I begin pounding on the keyboard immediately and don’t let up until the thought has been fleshed out or the descent is well underway and the laptop must be stowed.  I use this blog to talk about business, about life, about faith, and about love.  I’ll talk about things that are exciting me and bothering me.  I’ll talk about the liberating feeling of making business decisions and the burdens of getting to that point of decision.  I’ll talk about the insanity of corporate bureaucracy and the exhilaration of a fast OODA loop.  I’ll talk about the requirements of obedience in faith and the struggles to be obedient.  I’ll talk about the desperate desire to prioritize family at the level they deserve and then the overwhelming challenge to ease up on business to change those priorities.  And I’ll talk about the beauty of love without expectations and the reality of the expectations that do exist.  I just need to talk and share, and I’ll use this site to muse.  Thanks for listening.

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