Information Overload

We live in an information flowing world.

We are bombarded with updates, breaking news, monitoring alerts, and spam.

In the midst of all that, we also get a significant number of very significant information items that pertain to the very thing we’re thinking about or working on.

Many of us may react very negatively then to the overload of information that pours into our collection systems (emails, texts, tweets, etc).

Not me.

I glance at and move on from those things I have no interest in.  I ignore those things that from title or author have zero applicability to anything I care about or need for my job or life. 

But I don’t want others to decide for me what is important or relevant.

I want to do that myself.

When I decide for others what they need to see, hear, or experience, I’m denying them their information-age right of deciding for themselves what they want to pay attention to or ignore.

I hate to do that to them.

I hate it even more when they do that to me.

Let the information flow.

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