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Unexpected Acts of Kindness

So, just to recap: great passion with no real need = futility great need with no real passion to fulfill it = frustration great passion against a massive need = nirvana Many of us equate great passion with needing money. Others of us see great needs as beyond our means to serve. But we see […]

Dreaming vs. Doing (Again)

Dreaming is easy when you have lots to dream about and lots to draw from to facilitate the dreams. Doing is easy when you have lots to work with and a pretty clear picture of what you are doing and where you are going from the dreaming. Nirvana occurs when visionary dreaming transitions to passionate […]

Information Overload

We live in an information flowing world. We are bombarded with updates, breaking news, monitoring alerts, and spam. In the midst of all that, we also get a significant number of very significant information items that pertain to the very thing we’re thinking about or working on. Many of us may react very negatively then […]

Purpose and Plan

When a transcendent purpose matches with an awkward plan, embarrassment happens. When an awkward purpose matches with a perfect plan, emptiness occurs. When a transcendent purpose matches with a perfect plan, ecstasy abounds. May we each find that transcendent purpose that matches with a perfect plan!  

Passion and Purpose

Passion without purpose creates meaninglessness. Purpose without passion creates mundaneness. Passion with purpose provides meaningfulness. May each of you have passion with purpose!

Passion and Hunger

When a great hunger is met with no passionate response, desperation exists. When incredible passion is targeted at no hunger, futility exists. But, when incredible passion is targeted at great hunger, the world becomes a better place. May each of us find a great hunger to target our incredible passion!


How can anything other than “WOW!” be said about the US team’s performance yesterday in the World Cup? Over the years, there have been many memorable moments for me in sports: John Elway’s pirouette as he was tackled while getting a key first down; Broncos went on to win that Super Bowl in 1998 Tiger […]

Twinges defines a twinge as “a sudden, sharp pain”. I bet there’s been a lot of twinges in business these past few years. Changing markets. Bankrupt customers. Financial collapse. All create twinges. And there’s been lots of them lately. I grew up believing that twinges weren’t solely from pain, but also from excitement. And I […]

Stashes and Triggers

As I was walking through a village in Alaska north of the Arctic Circle, I smiled when I saw this: In these villages, nothing is discarded, but instead, things are stashed away just in case they may be needed at some future point either for what they were originally designed and built for or as parts […]


At dinner with a friend last night, he told me about his dad saying this: Experience is the worst teacher.  Unfortunately, you get the grade before you learn the lesson. How true. The older I get, the more I cherish the wisdom of elders. The older I get, the more I wish young people and […]

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