How can anything other than “WOW!” be said about the US team’s performance yesterday in the World Cup?

Over the years, there have been many memorable moments for me in sports:

  • John Elway’s pirouette as he was tackled while getting a key first down; Broncos went on to win that Super Bowl in 1998
  • Tiger Woods playing on a bum leg and winning in an 18 hole playoff during the US Open in 2008
  • Kirk Gibson’s coming in injured as a pinch hitter and hitting a home run in the 1988 World Series
  • Doug Flutie throwing the hail Mary to give his Boston College team a win over Miami in 1984
  • Joe Sakic handing the Stanley Cup to Ray Bourque in 2001 after a thrilling game 7 victory

All of these were awesome and etched in my mind.

But yesterday’s feed from Rapinoe into Wambach, tying the game and forcing the penalty kicks to determine the winner, may be the best of all time in my lifetime.

What incredible resilience.

What a powerful statement about overcoming adversity and staying confident in winning.


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