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What would you do differently if you were told that today is a day of discovery and you should seek out those fascinating things about life that you don’t yet know? So here it is! Today is a day of discovery! Seek out. Be intrigued. Find answers. Hover over things. Ponder. Enlighten yourself and others. […]


Because of all the traveling I do, I’ve been thinking about separation a lot lately. I experience separation in various ways: from my wife and family when I travel from those I work with when I stay home or travel away from them from our Creator when I focus on the things of this earth […]

Like Jonah

Most of us know the story of Jonah and the whale.  When God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh to deliver God’s message that they must repent, Jonah rebelled and ran.  He jumped on a ship to head a different direction, and a storm came up that put the ship in danger.  The ship determined […]


Faith and doubt are opposite ends of the same spectrum, both responses to things unseen. Faith manifests itself in eternal optimism, with an individual fully believing in the true potential of something yet to come. Doubt manifests itself in unusual pessimism, with an individual typically expecting the worst rather than the best and preparing themselves […]


Time. It’s fixed. It’s limited. It’s passing. It’s precious. So how much of your time is spent on things that aren’t something you’re passionate about? If, indeed, time is fixed, limited, passing, and precious, how can you maximize the amount of time that you spend on those things that amp your passion and thus maximize […]

Trust (2)

As is often the case, I find affirmation and confirmation for things that happened or things I’m thinking when I got to church on Sunday’s…God’s way of using His messengers to expand my thinking and encourage me to dig deeper in His Word and in my pondering. Today, our Pastor talked about faith and let […]


If you knew from the very beginning in any interaction that everything you said or did would have some impact on the one you were interacting with, what would you do differently? Because it does. So what would you do differently knowing that? I’d stop and think before speaking. I’d plan what I was saying […]

No Different

Six years ago, our family went to a concert of a very popular Christian band.  On the way home, my young daughter asked, “Where did their name come from”?  I said, “I don’t know, but why don’t we email them and ask.” That night, I went out on the web and found the email address […]

Thinking Then Doing

There really isn’t anything better than thinking of others on Christmas day. Thinking of the reason behind this very special day – the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago – and the ultimate gift that He was from a caring and loving Creator. Thinking of the family, and sharing the gifts, the food, the games, […]


At the end of any week, good or bad, exciting or dull, rewarding or discouraging, challenging or easy, it’s good to step back, slow down, relax, and ponder what went on. I’m doing that now…sitting by the fireplace in the hotel…trying to warm up…thinking back through the incredible events of this past week…wondering if the […]

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