It’s fixed.

It’s limited.

It’s passing.

It’s precious.

So how much of your time is spent on things that aren’t something you’re passionate about?

If, indeed, time is fixed, limited, passing, and precious, how can you maximize the amount of time that you spend on those things that amp your passion and thus maximize fulfillment in the time that you do have?

Some suggestions:

(1) Commit to quality time every day on all phases of your life – personal, spiritual, professional

(2) Filter constantly, weeding out those things that take lots of time but add little value so you can focus on those things that bring lots of value

(3) Approach everything with a sense of urgency, because there really isn’t enough time

(4) Cherish small successes and celebrate the big ones, and use the celebrations to build momentum for bigger and better things

(5) Surround yourself with those who build you up and move you forward

(6) Give more than you receive, and give without expectation of any return

(7) Embrace each moment, and look for those special things that will pry that moment out of your memory many years from now when your number of days are waning

(8) Pray and praise constantly, in full acknowledgement of the blessings you have received and the grace that you have been given

Most of these you completely control. 

Very little is required from others.

Though it certainly helps to be surrounded by supportive, nurturing, encouraging people.

Good luck!

The clock is ticking!

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