We often hear that 90% of our time is spent on the least important 10% of issues in an organization.  Or maybe it was 80% of our time spent on the least important 20%.  I can’t remember.  We’re spending too much time on the things that don’t really matter!

But I’d like to add another one to this list — 80% of the things we focus on are driven by the 20% of the organization that have the least chance of truly advancing the company.  Or in other words, we spend way to much time focusing on those people in the organization that have the least chance of driving us to that next level of business success.

Nirvana is when the things we focus on are critical to business success.  But nirvana is also when we focus on the people that are critical to business success.

In reality, we rarely focus on issues.  Instead we focus on people.  It’s the people that execute.  It’s the people that create chaos.  It’s the people that buy our products and services.  It’s the people that drive us nuts — either good or bad.

Those who maximize their focus on the people most critical to business success win.

Those who let their time be dominated by those who have no impact on business progress end up losing.

Every time.

Sadly so.

In today’s incredibly tense business environment, being the best people person means focusing on those who will advance the business and thus drive benefits to everyone else in the business. 

Others are certainly important.

But they can’t command the majority of your time.

Who do you spend most of your time focusing on?

I hope it’s those that are pushing the organization forward.

If not, in your own way, you too are a massive headwind to business success.

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