If you knew from the very beginning in any interaction that everything you said or did would have some impact on the one you were interacting with, what would you do differently?

Because it does.

So what would you do differently knowing that?

I’d stop and think before speaking.

I’d plan what I was saying so the impact would be positive and not negative.

I’d focus intently on the other individual to hear and hopefully understand what she was saying.

And yet I don’t.

Sad really.

I know it does, and yet I don’t.

Most of us are probably that way.

Even more sad.

Because it does.

And yet we don’t.

We affect scores of others daily who hear, see, or directly feel the impact of our words and actions.

And yet we (certainly I) don’t pause for that precious short moment to assess that impact before we (definitely I) spew.

And others are hurt.





Speak and/or do.

Most of the time it will then be appropriately impacting then.

And pray that I will learn to stop-think-frame-speak/do.

I desperately need the prayers.

Thank you.

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