Thinking Then Doing

There really isn’t anything better than thinking of others on Christmas day.

Thinking of the reason behind this very special day – the birth of Jesus 2,000 years ago – and the ultimate gift that He was from a caring and loving Creator.

Thinking of the family, and sharing the gifts, the food, the games, the talking time together instead of focusing on other things that typically don’t mean nearly as much or deserve that kind of time.

Thinking of those who may not be nearly as fortunate as the rest of us; those that are homeless, without jobs, struggling to make ends meet, desperately seeking that next break that allows them to overcome the burdens they currently carry.

Thinking of the coming year and the excitement and challenges it will bring and preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually to be ready for any and all challenges and opportunities that come.

Thinking of the things we need to do differently to better ourselves and to be the kinds of people we want to be in all the different phases of our lives.

Thinking of those who helped us so much in this last year and remembered the gifts that were given and the lessons that were learned from those who did help.

We think of so many other things too, and with each memory, we grow; with each memory, we learn; with each memory, we adapt.

But more important than the thinking is the doing that needs to follow.

Each thought should lead to action.

Each action should be a change.

Each change should be a quest for something better, something different, something giving in its own right, and something that benefits others because of the thinking we did that led to the learning that occurred that then led to doing something meaningful.

Think then do.

And on this Christmas day, thank God for the gift of His Son, and thank others by turning the giving they did for you into actions that serve others.

Merry Christmas!

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