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Trust (2)

As is often the case, I find affirmation and confirmation for things that happened or things I’m thinking when I got to church on Sunday’s…God’s way of using His messengers to expand my thinking and encourage me to dig deeper in His Word and in my pondering.

Today, our Pastor talked about faith and let us know that faith, belief, and trust all come from the same root word in Greek.  He also let us know that all three require action, something that many people forget as they sit back “in faith” and wait for a miracle to happen.

It’s no different in business and life, the trust I mentioned in my last post is an active trust that comes from knowing each other, in a way, testing each other, and over time, then trusting each other. 

In our Americanized use of the words, faith is hoping things will happen when there’s limited basis for trust, and trust is believing – no, actually knowing - it will happen based on experience and “trial by fire”.

So once again, it’s all about trust.

How many people do you completely, totally, intimately, and unquestionably trust?

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