I was watching the race yesterday and for some particular reason began staring at the smallest of names on the cars and the uniforms of the drivers.  Some of the companies that were named I had heard of before, but many I had not.

I’m assuming that each of those named companies paid some money or provided some parts or services to the race teams.  I’m also assuming that they get something more than their name put in a position that you have to really care in order to see it. 

But that got me thinking.

In our lives, in our jobs, in our pursuits, we have sponsors too.  We have our name (most of us anyway) plastered across our fronts, with everyone in the world able to see it based on who we are, the things we say, the things we do (the things we don’t do, too), the way we act, the things we wear.  We have smaller names written in places folks can see but they have to look just a bit harder, like the names of our parents, the names of our companies, the names of very significant people in our lives that may be references, champions or mentors for us.  And then somewhere all around us are names of the many, many, many others who have impacted our lives in subtle but not necessarily big ways (good or bad), like our bosses, our teachers, our pastors, our friends, etc.

When we run our race every day, we carry the names of those who are our sponsors around with us, and everything we do reflects those sponsors.

What do your sponsors think of you?

Have they signed up for another year?

Have you signed up for another year?

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