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I have a problem…some would say a big problem.

I’m an impulsive person…very impulsive.

I make decisions on impulse.

I take actions on impulse.

I buy on impulse.

Sometimes I regret the decisions made, actions taken, or things bought.

Sometimes I can unwind, rescind, or return them, respectively.

Sometimes I have to live with them, or apologize for them, or throw them away, respectively.

I’ve quit jobs on impulse…once while I was in Amsterdam…just had enough.

I’ve hired people on impulse…one such person was someone recommended to me by someone who we had just fired…and it worked out awesomely.

Amazingly, most of the time it does work out.

And maybe that’s why I keep on doing it.

Hopefully that will be the case for today!

When I visited my grandson this morning, I saw theater chairs that would have been awesome in our basement.  Our two futons are worn out and very uncomfortable, so it didn’t take much for me to see those type of seats in our theater.

And quite coincidentally, Denise and I were heading straight to a furniture store to find her a desk and chair for her new sanctuary in the loft of our house.

And as we walked around that store looking at the desks and chairs, we couldn’t help but wander into the theater seating area, and boy were the seats comfortable.

And I couldn’t help but begin talking to Tim, who was a commissioned sales rep for the store, and he couldn’t help but say the exact right things to get me precariously close to walking away with not only a desk and a chair, but with a full theater seating area as well.

And we did. 

It must have been fate and not coincidence that the furniture store we visited had those exact same theater chairs.  It must have been fate that they were on sale for Labor Day.  It must have been fate that the exact number we needed were the exact number they had available.  It must have been fate that all this has been made visible right before the College and Pro Football seasons start and right before the hockey season begins and all the Avs games are televised in HD.  And it must have been fate that they will be delivered next Friday, just in time for the kickoffs.

Theater Seating

So we went in to buy a desk and a chair and came out with substantially more.

That’s happened before.

I went in to get a headlight replaced on my car once and came home with a 60 inch TV.  These theater chairs are going to look and feel great in front of that TV!

I went off on a 100 day TDY once while in the military and came back with a 300ZX.  Denise was 6 months pregnant then and the car didn’t have a back seat.  Thankfully we got our money back!

So this isn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

At least I’ll be comfortable while pondering the consequences of being highly impulsive and fretting over how much money I spent.

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