Recurring Theme

Unfortunately, we’re seeing time and time again the very same scenario playing out:

  • do something wrong
  • deny you did something wrong
  • adamantly deny you did something wrong
  • blame that something done wrong on someone or something else
  • admit it could have been you
  • come completely clean and say “I made a mistake” now let’s get back to work

Several things come to mind in all the recent examples of this:

  1. it’s not a mistake if it’s planned, perfected, and repeated
  2. no one will believe that you executed the denial or cover up strictly to protect anyone but yourself
  3. although smart people do indeed do dumb things and make mistakes, smart people in trusted positions that plan, perfect, and repeat the dumb things they do may be more dumb than smart and thus don’t deserve any trust
  4. saying, “sorry, I made a mistake” doesn’t cut it; saying, “sorry, I was stupid, could you ever forgive me” and then understand that it takes months to years to earn back any trust is more like it

We’re all flawed, and we all sin and fall short of the glory of God.

But we all know right from wrong.

When we’re young, we say “I’m sorry I lied”.  We get punished.  We earn back trust.

When we’re older, we say, “I made a mistake”.  We expect to skate.  We want immediate trust again.

Are we really wiser with age?

Or just more deceitful with lots more experience at making excuses?

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