All is Right

Those moments when all seems right are rare, both in our families and in our businesses.  We cherish them when they come, and we yearn for them when things aren’t just right.

We’ve had those moments recently in our family.  Time together.  Time sharing.  Living and learning and enjoying that precious time with each other.

Those moments when all is right don’t happen by accident.  They take work.  They take commitment.  They take overcoming obstacles.  They take climbing hurdles.  They take recovering from setbacks.

They take a purpose filled journey to get to that desired moment when all things are right.

And then the cycle starts over again.

Ours is starting over again today as folks go back to their individual lives, and to their homes, and focus once again on their own passionate pursuits.

And each of us will yearn again for these special moments when all things seem right.

It’s tough sometimes during those long periods between those all-is-right moments. 

Here are some things to do to help (learned from personal experience):

  • Focus on each small step rather than the end game, and cherish each step that goes right; you still need to have an end in mind, but the journey is so much more enjoyable when you focus on each step and cherish each moment that entails
  • Focus on the relationships with those on the journey with you, and work hard to bring smiles to each other with each step taken on the journey
  • At frequent points in the journey to “all is right”, break away and do the unexpected, and create a moment where for that small moment, all things are right
  • Cherish every single minute with family, with friends, with teammates, with partners, with new acquaintances, and find ways to make each minute and every interaction something special
  • Journal your journey and constantly go back to remind yourself of those things that went right along the way so those things that don’t go right don’t consume you and drag you down

I love the saying on this plate:

I’d add a line though – “Moments don’t just happen; you need to create them”.

I hope you too are creating those moments where all is right.

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