That’s how many air miles I covered in the last 10 days – 23,000.  44 hours in the air, and another 16 hours in airport terminals.  One and a half work weeks in travel status. 

And I loved every minute and every mile of it, because the air miles and the terminal time were essential to me getting to my destination, experiencing things I never could experience on this side of the world, and then completing my journey.

On the plane home, the gentleman sitting next to me said that he wouldn’t go anywhere that required more than 8 hours of travel time.

I pondered that for a few minutes, and then realized that his travel radius would automatically eliminate most of the world.  It would also eliminate several different modes of transportation. 

I couldn’t do that.

In fact, I’m not sure I could set any parameters or restrictions on what I’d do.

This world is too awesome.

The people of this world are too special.

The uniqueness of each country and each culture create a fascination that attracts, not restricts.

Restrictions are self generated.  They deny us some experiences that are only one more hour beyond that self imposed limitation.

Here’s to those who have few restrictions and thus limitless experiences!

I applaud you!

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